Pig Pen.jpg

February 15, 2017

Getting started on the pigpen...

With the snow preventing any work from being done out in the fields, Jake spent his time wisely and used his woodworking skills to hand craft a shelter for the Pigs Pen. It just goes to show what a little motivation, and dedication to a cause, will help spark some resourceful ideas on how to create the farms needed necessities to get up and running with the limited amount of materials we have to make it run and function sucessfully.


February 22,2017

As spring begins to rear its head, we have continued to work diligently indoors to complete the necessary restorations needed to create an environment for best suited for Veterans to create positive relationships, while giving them an area to have personal space that promotes the search for qualities and personal attributes they have developed while participating here on the farm. A lot of the bedrooms here need work, right now we are working on stripping the outdated wallpaper and pulling up the rugs that go along with it. The rooms each have their own color scheme and style, and while we want to create personal space, a common look to each of the bedrooms throughout the house will create the feeling of equality though out all of the veterans. We are doing what we can to help start this process right now by completing as much demolition as possible to get the rooms ready for fresh paint and hopefully new carpets. As we raise more funds, we will begin to work on more of the bedrooms, hopefully before it becomes time to focus on our work outdoors to get the crops started. 

February 27,2017

Now that the snow has melted away, pig pen has been constructed, and the electric fence has been installed, Bob and Chip herded the pigs out to the pen today. After being sheltered in the barn to stay warm while the ground was covered with snow, each pig began to transform from visibly ecstatic to get outside into the field. One of the 5 started bucking its hind legs like a bull in a rodeo contest. All in all it was a great sight to witness and their happiness was almost like a contagious sneeze, but more desired then the said example. As more milestones are created with the animals, farmhouse, and our growing community as a whole,  I will be sure to keep you updated along with pictures of the progress happening here. Enjoy the rest of your week and check back for a view in our day to day life.