vets and Veggies Goats.jpg

We got Goats!

May 10 - We got some goats!! Huge thanks to Evan Felisha Foisy for donating them to us!

Vets and Veggies backhoe.jpg

Making way for some new seeds to be sewn

May 1 - A huge thanks to my brother Charlie Alexander and Meadowbrook Garden Center for doing a lowbed move for me to get my backhoe to the farm.

Check out there Facebook page for any sort of bark blowing needs, filter sock/ erosion control as well as equipment hauling. They cover all of New England. So check them out!

Vest and Veggies Ham.jpg

Fresh from the slaughterhouse

April 28 - Check it out! Our pigs are back from Adams Farm Slaughterhouse, LLC. There is more to come from the smokehouse in a week or 2 but these are your traditional cuts. And one is hanging for the June 3 pig roast. Let us know if you're interested!