Late Winter Updates

Hey how's it going everyone? Couple of updates on the farm. For now we have pigs and we are getting a fjord draft horse next week. We set up the fencing today for the horse.

Also we have 2 veterans moved in Bob and Nick. I will put a little bio up this week hopefully on the 2 of them.

I met with the new website guy yesterday, got some good pictures of the farm and brainstormed what the site needs. So once that it is up an running I will inform you all.

So far money raised has gone towards building a pig hut, pig fencing, feed, mattresses, and hard wired smoke detectors.

Future money raised will go towards other animals, plant seed, fencing, and materials for carpentry projects. There are plenty of other things we can use money for but those are the basic necessities at this point.

And last but not least, I meet Monday with the lawyer to get the Vets and Veggies non-profit set up! I can't wait!

Thank you so much to everyone that has shared the page, liked posts and even just follow us without the interaction. This is truly a dream come true and I hope you all enjoy following what we are doing.